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While it may not be apparent how a non-compete agreement can help protect intellectual property, it is pertinent that you have one in place to protect your products and creations.

Non-Compete Agreement

In a non-compete agreement an employer may require an applicant or employee not to work for a competitor or form a competing business during the term of his or her employment or after he or she departs. Typically, there is a geographical location and time restriction placed within the agreement. Additionally, the agreement may also provide that the employee not solicit the employer’s customers or other employees when he or she starts a competing business or works for a competitor.

Protecting the Employer

Such non-compete agreements are enforceable against former employees and independent contractors if they protect a legitimate interest of the employer, are supported by adequate consideration (for example, the agreement was executed as a condition of, and in consideration of, hiring, or in exchange for payment), and are reasonably limited in scope and in time.

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