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Successful patent portfolio management is a key aspect of your business. This is especially true if you are a large company that holds many patents in one sector.
Our team of experienced lawyers know how to manage and develop your portfolio with strategic and proven systems.

A Patent Portfolio

A patent portfolio is made up of all the current patents your company holds and is a significant part of your company’s overall value. A significant patent portfolio spreads risks among many patents and decreases the dependency on individual patents and also should be measured as a whole to see the true value of a company’s patents.

Patent portfolio management is the process by which a company coordinates its patent strategy with its product strategy. By taking a look at the portfolio as a whole and creating a way to manage it, we are able to help your company generate revenue. The management of your portfolio can be a very powerful tool to enable market power, technology development, and innovation while minimizing risk.

Developing Your Portfolio

Developing a successful patent portfolio is an ongoing process in that you will always be creating new patents. That being said, it is advised that a company should not seek a patent on every idea that is presented. We will help create an organized strategy considers the basic premise of risk allocation and reduction, but also looks closely at what innovations should progress to the patent process. As parents are added to your portfolio through corporate acquisitions, individual purchases, and the prosecution of your applications, you will need proper management. By having a strong understanding of your company and your company’s goals and guidelines, we will create a strategy that fosters a quality patent portfolio.

Tracking Your Competitors

A key aspect of patent portfolio management is the monitoring of your competitor’s moves in the patent arena. This monitoring will allow you to:

  • Maintain a competitive edge over your competition
  • Identify potential cross-licensing opportunities
  • Protect your company against potential litigation.


Diversification means that we will attain patents in different areas. This is a way to minimize risk and help keep your company’s investments balanced.

Ever-changing consumer demand means that values of patents are also ever-changing. While diversification won’t guarantee against loss, it’s a crucial and pertinent way to lessen long-term risk.

Creating an ideal diversified patent portfolio is unique to each company. Chosen categories should align closely with the long-term corporate business strategy of the company.

Regular Review

Your patent portfolio needs to be reviewed and rebalanced on a regular basis. Constant monitoring means that it can be easily modified of there are new patent needs or changes that need to be protected. Our team will monitor the health of your portfolio while also keeping in mind the IP landscape to ensure balanced coverage of your patents. Patents need regular review and maintenance to maximize their value to a company. Regular audits of your active patent portfolio will help your company focus on the innovation it is known for.

Facing Litigation

When managing your IP portfolio involves complex litigation, our experienced team will protect you. Should you be facing infringement charges we will work with you to prepare an initial case assessment, help you identify substantive issues and any key expert witnesses, develop a discovery plan, provide an assessment of a litigation budget and overall legal strategy. Based on your best interests, our attorneys also evaluate potential settlement options as well as and/or the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Any recommendations provided are based on our case assessments and experience in representing clients in federal and state courts, and prior use of arbitration, mediation, and other forms of ADR. Our primary objective is to avoid litigation by providing sound legal advice and effectively protecting and managing our clients’ IP assets.

Experienced Attorneys

Having prepared, filed, and prosecuted patent applications (domestic and foreign), our firm is highly respected for its knowledge and patent prosecution.

Our attorneys have experience in all areas of design patents, including:

Patent Applications

  • Patent Search
  • Intellectual Property Patents
  • Computer Patents
  • Gaming Devices
  • Mechanical Device Patents
  • Medical Device Patents
  • Patent Portfolio Management
  • Patent Office Actions
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Reilly Intellectual Property Law Firm provides patent services to protect the inventions that change and shape our world. We handle handles patents, trademarks, copyrights and licensing legal services in Denver. Our experienced attorneys provide strategic guidance, patent counseling and prosecution, new product clearance and licensing, as well as counsel regarding patent enforcement and how to avoid possible infringement issues.

Our patent attorneys actively and aggressively represent plaintiffs and defendants in a wide variety of proceedings before courts both domestically and internationally. We provide solutions that anticipate our client’s need to protect their intellectual property so that their business thrives. We would love to work with you to develop a dynamic strategy that addresses your patent, trademark, copyright, and licensing concerns.

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