Blog to Cut 25% of Global Workforce, Dutch Employees at Risk


Just four months after CEO Glenn Fogel acknowledged that job cuts were “probable,” the online travel agency announced in August that it would be slashing 25% of its global workforce. employs a total of 17,500 employees in offices around the world, which means reducing its workforce by one quarter would affect between


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When it comes to anti-trust laws and intellectual property, there are a lot if intersections. We are able to devise effective strategies to protect your commercial and intellectual property rights. Antitrust rules are in place to promote free competition, white intellectual property protections give patent, trademark, and copyright owners certain exclusive rights in their

Intellectual Property Litigation

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Your intellectual property, whether it is a physical product, piece of artistic work, or a new system of doing something, it is at the heart of your business and it needs to be protected. Because of this, it is advised that you work with an intellectual property law firm that can guide you towards

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